Libra Yearly Horoscope

For the Year 2021


You'll be popular as ever on NYE 2020, and ready to take on 2021 in style! While your friends and family may be struggling with their balance and personal affairs, you'll be cool and collected like always. You may also find that your relationship advice is in high demand around the first and second of January, so don't be afraid to share your thoughts on such matters.

As the holiday season begins to wind down, find time to connect with siblings or childhood friends around January 9 and 10. By sharing your New Year's resolutions with said company, you can reconnect with your ambition and drive to make positive changes this time around the sun.

February kicks off with the moon in your sign, sweet Libra, and you'll be asked to look at your own personal balance. You may need to take the first two days of the month to consider your personal and professional obligations, finding a way to support both (without running yourself into the ground). On the ninth, you may need to set some boundaries, take time for yourself at home, and possibly do a house cleansing to shake off any unwanted energy you may have acquired recently. Watch out for unexpected conflict on February 24 when the Leo moon opposes Mercury in Aquarius, and be extra cautious not to offend any of your acquaintances.

This year, especially once the second half starts, you should have a better handle on what your financial security looks like, and in turn, will be equipped to make decisions around money. All of the financial work you've done this year will start paying off throughout the end of 2021, setting you up to take on 2022!


Your year begins with Jupiter illuminating the sector of your chart that rules fun, pleasure, and personal expression, making it a great time to mix both love and artistic interests. Jupiter is known as a lucky planet that makes situations seem bigger and grander, while helping us reconnect with our optimism, spirituality, and sense of adventure.

This sparkling planet will be in the sign of Aquarius, which loves freedom and is known for the eccentric vibes it carries. Your mind and soul will be hungry for life, art, and connectivity, a perfect recipe for finding a great love, or reigniting excitement within an existing relationship. By engaging with the things that you love and that stir your passions, you'll be more likely to draw in a compatible mate—and possibly even attract a soulmate.


After a grim 2020, we all deserve to feel alive, safe, and vibrant. You have some wonderful transits coming up in 2021, so try not to let the trauma of 2020 get in the way of enjoying yourself. Your year will seem as though you're either extremely busy with work and social life, or that things are calm and slow. Remember to embrace the slower days, weeks, and months that go by in 2021, and use these moments to reflect and focus on self-care.

The beginning of the year could begin with a bit of confusion around being of service or contributing to society, as Neptune, the North Node, and Venus form a T-square while illuminating the part of your chart that rules servitude. An aspect like this could leave you feeling unsure about how to make money while still pursuing your dreams, and it's not uncommon to feel a little lost in professional matters.

This hazy energy could last until March, so if you're pursuing a university education but can't decide on a major, give yourself until summer or fall to finalize that decision. Your focus is likely to direct itself toward your home life, personal interests, and creativity until the end of February, making this the perfect time to get a side business off the ground, if you'd like to capitalize on a special talent.


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