Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope

For the Year 2021


The beginning of the year will bring unique new ideas to the forefront of your mind, as Saturn and Jupiter take center stage in the sign of Aquarius. These planetary placements will spark fresh thoughts around philosophical concepts such as manifestation, luck, karma, and responsibility.

This energy hits you on a cerebral level, creating a thirst for information that will leave you wanting to carve out a new path toward knowledge. This would be the perfect time to begin college courses or pursue some form of higher learning (even through a solitary hobby). It will be important to create a schedule around how you'll expand your mind, as Saturn appreciates structures. You may also find yourself planning a vacation during this time, because you'll be more than ready for the adventure!

2021 is sure to bring you a big dose of personal evolution and perhaps even brilliance, though this may not always come about in a gentle way. Since your planetary ruler Jupiter will be hanging out in Aquarius, you may be forced to evolve in ways that you're not expecting. It will be an especially karmic year for you, so boldly face any head-on challenges or lessons that the universe sends your way.

Your mind will be curious for information all year, so remember to challenge your brain often. Finding ways to marry this curiosity with your spirituality will be especially helpful, leading to some serious enlightenment. For this reason, it may be a good idea to pick up a new form of meditation in 2021. Astral projection, full moon circles, or even trance meditations can all be excellent tools for navigating this year, which will have a huge emphasis on your mind and soul connection.


The year may start off with a bit of confusion. You may feel unsure of what you want in matters of the heart, or how to move forward in romance. Lucky for you, it's unlikely that you'll agonize over this for long, as the first part of the year finds you more focused on your own needs and how to get ahead financially. Use this time to show yourself some love. If you're single, anything you do now in the name of self-improvement is sure to attract superior lovers in the future. If otherwise coupled, the lifestyle improvements you make now can move you toward a more secure future that is beneficial to both of you.

Relationships are our greatest teachers. And with the north node in Gemini, opposing your zodiac sign of Sagittarius, that's especially true for you this year. You've mastered being a “me,” but your next lesson is how to be part of a “we.” Free spirits like you are often wary of getting tied down. But with the right person, love can be a wild adventure, and that will most likely be the case for you in 2021 when it comes to love!


While you may not see a lot of significant financial shifts until the end of 2021, dear Sag, the work you put in now is sure to pay off later. You may need to shake hands and kiss the boss' behind, but once you enter Capricorn season at winter solstice, you'll begin seeing monetary gains resulting from this period of hard work.

You may encounter some rude awakenings when it comes to the manifestation of your dreams, but if you own your mistakes and move forward with perseverance, you're sure to succeed in almost all endeavors. At the end of the day, you're one of the bravest signs in the zodiac, so go forth with your bad, bold self!

Saturn and Jupiter will be holding residence in the sector of your chart that rules thought process, giving you big ideas and the discipline to map them out as you plan for a brighter future. Just make sure you allow yourself the time to execute these new concepts. Fire signs aren't known to be the most patient, and you are no exception, dear Archer. You should be extra certain of the moves you make between January 5 and February 13, as Mars will continuously form squares to a plethora of planets, which can create issues around execution.

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