Pisces Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope Forecast For Pisces
For the Year 2018

You're a compassionate sign, Pisces, always doing for others and rarely taking time for yourself. Make 2018 the Year of You, because you deserve to be treated with the same level of care and consideration as you treat everyone else!

The sun spends time in your sign toward the end of February, so all things water become your focus. Swimming, fishing, and planning an oceanside vacation or cruise are all on your dreamy radar. Your sign also rules the feet, so put pedicures and foot rubs on your self-pampering agenda!

Ethereal Neptune, your ruler, turns retrograde for five months beginning mid-June, when you'll find it more difficult to retreat into your own little fantasyland. You usually cope with the harsh realities of life by avoiding them, but this aspect leaves you little room to hide.

A full moon in your sign at the end of August joins a grand trine, which is a special time filled with creativity, harmony, and positivity. Embrace the gifts you've been given, and recognize and celebrate what's special about all of the people you love most.

Starting your professional year with a challenging Mars-Neptune square in mid-February isn't ideal, Pisces, but you might as well get the difficult stuff over with right away. This aspect has the potential to cause absolute devastation, but if you can find a way to deal with the problems that arise now, perhaps you can deal with just about anything. So, what should you be on the lookout for? Lies and deceit take center stage now, so it might be hard to take anyone at their word. Keep a close eye on co-workers and business partners (or your direct competition if you're seeking a job) who have something to gain from your failure, because you can't really put anything past anyone. Gossip and scandal levels are high right now, so read social media posts and review sites regularly for false information about you or your company, and attempt to correct any inaccuracies or invalid info you run across.

A water trine between abundant Jupiter and sensitive Neptune in late May is one of the most positive aspects of the year, and it can help you accomplish great things in your career. When luck is on your side, you perform to your utmost potential, which won't go unnoticed by present or future employers. Everyone wants to know your secret to success, but you don't have to give anything away. Show up, get the job done (with a smile on your face), and let them wonder how you do it all so effortlessly.

Powerful Mars visits your sign in mid-November, and your gentleness can have a dampening effect on this willful planet. You have some interesting instincts, and you will want to go for it in a lot of different career areas, but there's that little voice inside holding you back. Second-guessing yourself and fear of failure are the greatest detriments of this aspect. However, you do gain a lot of insight and creativity, which can overshadow your timid approach. If you're afraid to go down one road, start construction on another. You have valuable insight if you can find the right outlet for it.

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