Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope For Pisces
~ Week 07 of 2021
Week Starting On: February 15 to February 21, 2021

Pisces native, this week, as you release feelings of uncertainty, you discover a talent you didn't know you had.

The week begins on Sunday, February 14, with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius forming a conjunction with Jupiter in your house of spirit guides. Pisces native, you have a very active guardian angel right now. This could indicate you are taking some extra risks, like doing some rock climbing or motocross. But it also can be that your guardian angel wants you to pay attention and so is sending you messages. It's good to spend some quiet time listening.

Also, on Sunday, Valentine's Day, Venus in Aquarius makes a trine to the North Node in Gemini at the base of your chart. This is a wonderful day to talk to the person you're dating about living together or maybe buying a house. If you're already in a love relationship, you can surprise your sweetheart by doing extra household chores or serving them breakfast in bed. If you're looking for love, it's good to focus on people who live close by. Ask friends to fix you up with people they know.

On Wednesday, February 17, Saturn in Aquarius makes a square to Uranus in Taurus in your house of communication. It's quite possible a secret is revealed today (and it may be your secret). But this revelation will help free you. It's maybe something you've wanted to bring out into the light of day but didn't know how. And now you can feel stronger, and when the dust settles, things are better.

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