Gemini Teen Horoscope For Today, Tomorrow & Yesterday

Today's Teen Horoscope For Gemini
Today: Monday - January 22, 2018

You're experiencing an almost completely unexpected rush of emotions. Perhaps you've received some weird news, or maybe you're seeing someone you know well in a brand-new way.

Tomorrow's Teen Horoscope For Gemini
Tomorrow: Tuesday - January 23, 2018

Nobody can tell you what to do today -- you're not having it! If a parent or teacher is trying to control you, things will get tense (of course); otherwise, it's easy to stand your ground.

Yesterday's Teen Horoscope For Gemini
Yesterday: Sunday - January 21, 2018

You still have plenty of great energy to play with, finding almost any activity fun. Seek entertainment in the most unlikely of places. Talk a friend into joining you -- they'll be glad they did!

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