Virgo Love Horoscope For Today

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Today's Love Horoscope For Virgo
Today: Thursday - November 15, 2018

Daily Flirt

Nov 15, 2018: You're tempted to spend money on a problem that seems like a bigger deal than it actually is -- but you should keep those credit cards locked up. Impulse buys are sure to be regretted.

Daily Singles

Nov 15, 2018: You need to dive into fun today! Indulge your childlike side with a jaunt to the toy store to pick up something small and silly. While you're there, watch out for fellow fun-lovers. You could just find yourself with more than a new toy!

Daily Couples

Nov 15, 2018: You and your partner need to make a concerted effort right now, especially when it comes to gathering up the courage to embark on some very new paths. You'll be fine as long as you do this together.

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