Sagittarius Love Horoscope For Today

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Today's Love Horoscope For Sagittarius
Today: Saturday - January 21, 2023

Daily Love

Prepare for a surge of adrenaline to electrify your life beginning today, Sagittarius. A new moon arrives today, blasting open a doorway for you. The actions you launch now will echo out for a whole year. This lunation highlights your solar third house of communications and travel, encouraging you to pursue adventure. You may now be discussing a short-distance trip or vacation now or in the year to come with your sweetheart. The two of you may also be in the process of signing an important contract. Get ready for a fun, fast-paced vibe!

Daily Dating

You'd rather kick back on your own and let your mind sort things out than get out there and party. There will be time for that later. Sneak away for an hour or so and get back on track.

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