Pisces Love Horoscope For Today

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Today's Love Horoscope For Pisces
Today: Thursday - February 16, 2023

Daily Love

Do your best to unplug from the cosmic drama of today, Pisces. You may feel the pressure of anxiety and frustration weighing on your soul. With the mighty sun, our great luminary, uniting in a volatile conjunction with an icy Saturn, you’ll be forced to face the harsh truth about your life, especially when it comes to challenges, struggles, and hardships. You will certainly feel lonely and depressed, especially if you’re struggling with lower levels of mental health and anxiety. Try to ground yourself, practice mindfulness, and talk to a therapist or counselor if you need to. They may provide a good set of protocols to follow.

Daily Dating

Stop being so hard on yourself! It's a good day for you to clear out of work early or find some other way to do what you want instead of what other people want you to do. Things are even better tomorrow!

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