Aries Love Horoscope For Today

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Today's Love Horoscope For Aries
Today: Monday - May 25, 2020

Daily Flirt

May 25, 2020: Now is a good time to avoid difficult confrontations -- people may get up in your face, but you really can just walk away unscathed. Why endure the discomfort when you can go chill somewhere?

Daily Singles

May 25, 2020: Aren't you agreeable today! Other people may be surprised by how willing you are to let someone else take the lead for once. Plus, you're extra amenable to talking to all kinds of new people, so go with the flow!

Daily Couples

May 25, 2020: Go boldly where no couple has gone before. You've got a lot of great ideas that might seem a little offbeat, but your partner ought to take to at least a few of them, no matter how out there they may seem.

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