Aquarius Love Horoscope For Today

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Today's Love Horoscope For Aquarius
Today: Saturday - January 21, 2023

Daily Love

The most important new moon of the year has arrived, and it has your name on it, Aquarius. It could feel like a great big gift wrapped with a bow delivered straight from the universe. This lunation highlights your solar first house of identity, as it stands in your zodiac sign. This is an excellent period to lay seeds you’d like to build toward in the year to come, but you must strike swiftly in the week ahead. Make sure you turn your attention to your personal life and relationships, as well, as you’ll want to create patterns that allow you to find more love and pleasure.

Daily Dating

You and your housemates need to split some recent yet unexpected costs, which could lead to all sorts of troubles. If someone is short, figure out how to make it all work.

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